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Customized Medical Billing Solutions for Your Practice

In today’s healthcare environment, you need an experienced advisor who can help navigate the complexities that come with running and growing a successful medical practice. Our seasoned, specialty-specific consultants will help you identify potential improvements, meet specific goals, and ensure your practice runs at maximum efficiency with an eye toward future opportunities.

The Affordable Healthcare Act. New payment models. Quality measures transparency. When it comes to healthcare regulation, change is the only constant thing there is—that, and the endless paper trail that comes with it. With the added responsibility of keeping track of it all, when do you find time for your first responsibility—your patients?

Our advisory services experts stay on top of all the healthcare industry changes you just don’t have time to, and break them down into dollars and cents that make actual sense. Whether you need a consultation on practice start-up, expansion, physician-hospital integration, or anything in between, we have the answers you need to stay ahead of the curve (and the curveballs).


We help real doctors with real problems—in real time.

Medical Billing

Molly, an administrator for a very busy multi-location pediatric practice, keeps her doctors happy, maintains her practice’s cash flow, and goes home smiling and stress-free every day.


When Meena merged her dermatology practice with a competitor, our dermatology consultants were there for her, every step of the way.


Ingrid and Carl realized that in order to grow their practice, they needed to be included in more insurance networks. NCG’s gastroenterology specialist got them their credentials and more.

Holistic Medicine

Christer often combines manual and electro acupuncture, but when he’d bill for both on the same visit, his claims were always denied. Now NCG makes sure he gets paid.

Radiation Oncology

Nick is a leader in his field, but when it came to contract negotiations, he always felt he was leaving money on the table—until he consulted our specialists.

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