Radiation Oncology Medical Billing

Strategized. Specialized. Strengthened. 

When a practice considers outsourcing its medical billing program, the key is to choose an excellent medical billing service as your trusted back-office service provider. An ally for maintaining financial health can be a great asset to your practice. Only an insurance billing and consulting service specialized in radiation oncology can deliver the benefits your practice needs. At NCG Medical, it’s our mission to provide innovative strategies and solutions that maximize your practice’s management. Our solutions are crafted with your performance and patients in mind. So, what do we offer?

  • Medical billing management for fast, efficient payment
  • Consulting services to streamline your practice
  • Practice management from anywhere, at any time
  • Document management that eliminates physical storage
  • Electronic medical records for safety, accuracy, and accessibility

Radiation Oncology Expertise

How can a radiation oncology medical billing system benefit your practice? Our specialized expertise is unmatched. By partnering with NCG, you’ll be assigned an expert billing consultant for any assistance you may need. If a healthcare billing system can maintain intelligence and top-tier performance metrics in specialties as complicated as radiation oncology, dermatology, and acupuncture, they’re likely to be equipped to handle the everyday concerns of your practice. Our “techsperts” have developed innovative software, strategy, consulting, and technologies to improve the way healthcare is delivered.

You’ll even have access to your medical billing any time, any place with mobile compatibility. If you have a question or issue come up, our IT team provides 24/7 support both online and over the phone. No matter your practice’s size, you can trust that your financial stability is in good hands. One of the best qualities of our partnership is the focus on streamlining your technologies to get paid faster, easier, and paperless.

The Perfect Partnership

As a radiation oncology practitioner, it’s essential to feel reassured throughout a partnership that your partner is providing the necessary control and authority your practice needs. NCG Medical functions as a part of your practice, taking billing off of your administrative team’s plates to free your most experienced and talented employees to work more closely with patients. This is a great strategy for sustaining financial health.

Feeling like you have no time for eligibility checks, scrub claims, resubmitting denials, and monitoring collections? With NCG Medical, rest assured and know that our experienced team is ready to handle those tasks that often get left behind, while also ensuring your payments are correct, every time.

As for your team, NCG training provides easy on-boarding for new staff at your practice. We’ll work with your practice to automate and streamline your new workflow, ensuring that all of their preferred systems are integrated for optimal performance and no downtime or service interruption. With our team working for your benefit, you’ll be in control.

Ready to raise clean claim percentages, improve payment speed, optimize reimbursement & more? Let’s get started.